State Party: yes
Date signed: Oct. 7, 1998
Date ratified: Dec. 28, 2000

National Legislation

Federal Law no 135: Cooperation with the International Criminal Court
Federal Constitutional Law
Bundesgesetz vom 23. Jänner 1974 über die mit gerichtlicher Strafe bedrohten Handlungen (Strafgesetzbuch - StGB)
Strafprozeßordnung 1975 (StPO)
Bundesgesetz über die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof
Änderung des Bundes-Verfassungsgesetzes und Erlassung eines Ersten Bundesverfassungsrechtsbereinigungsgesetzes


In 2002, the Republic of Austria adopted legislation incorporating the ICC cooperation regime into domestic law. The legislation is well designed and covers all major aspects of cooperation enshrined in the ICC Statute. Moreover, reference is made to national laws for all other aspects which are not specifically covered. Austria has not yet adopted legislation with regard to crimes under the jurisdiction of the ICC and its existing laws do not contain any provisions to deal with crimes against humanity and war crimes. The short reference to relevant Rome Statute Articles in the ICC Cooperation law is not adequate in that respect. Specific implementing legislation with regard to crimes under ICC jurisdiction would also be welcome in order to fully address issues of command and superior responsibility or superior orders. An amendment of the Austrian Constitution with regard to the immunities afforded to the Federal President and members of the national or regional Parliaments may also have to be considered in order to fully implement the irrelevance of official capacity provision found in the ICC Statute.


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