State Party: yes
Date signed: Dec. 10, 1998
Date ratified: Aug. 5, 2002

National Legislation

The Constitution of Colombia (1991)
Codigo Penal Colombiano
Decree Number 2763 of 2002 (November 26) promulgating the "Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court"
Código de Procedimiento Penal
Law No. 975, 25 July 2005 Issuing Provisions for the Reincorporation of Members of Illegal Armed Groups Who Effectively Contribute to the Attainment of National Peace, and Other Provisions for Humanitarian Accords Are Issued
Ley N° 589 por medio de la cual se tipifica el genocidio, la desaparición forzada, el desplazamiento forzado y la tortura; y se dictan otras disposiciones
Ley 782 de 2002
Ley 1407 de 2010 - Código Penal Militar


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