'Rights during investigation - legal assistance' in document 'Finland - Criminal Procedure Act'

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Chapter 2 — Counsel

Section 3

On the conditions referred to in section 1a, an adequately qualified support person may be appointed for an injured party in an offence referred to in section 1a who does not make a claim in the trial and who is being heard in person in order to resolve the case, if it is deemed that he/she needs assistance in the criminal investigation or the trial.


Article 55
Rights of persons during an investigation
2. Where there are grounds to believe that a person has committed a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court and that person is about to be questioned either by the Prosecutor, or by national authorities pursuant to a request made under Part 9, that person shall also have the following rights of which he or she shall be informed prior to being questioned:
(c) To have legal assistance of the person's choosing, or, if the person does not have legal assistance, to have legal assistance assigned to him or her, in any case where the interests of justice so require, and without payment by the person in any such case if the person does not have sufficient means to pay for it