Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova

State:Moldova, Republic of
Date: April 18, 2002

Relevant Keywords

Age of criminal responsibility
Age of criminal responsibility - national proceedings
Aggravating factors - national proceedings
Aggregation of criminal offences
Amnesty content
Applicable law
Awareness of conflict - war crimes
Biological experiments - IAC
Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
Command responsibility - national proceedings
Commission through another person
Common purpose
Compelling a prisoner of war to serve in the forces of a hostile power - IAC
Compelling a protected person to serve in the forces of a hostile power - IAC
Compelling nationals of hostile party to take part in operations of war against their own country - IAC
Continuous criminal offences
Corruptly influencing a witness, obstructing or interfering with the attendance or testimony of a witness, retaliating against a witness for giving testimony or destroying, tampering with or interfering with the collection of evidence
Crimes against humanity
Criminal responsibility of legal persons
Declaring abolished, suspended or inadmissible in a court of law the rights and actions of the nationals of a hostile party - IAC
Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
Determination of sentence - national proceedings
Duress - national proceedings
Employing asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and all analogous liquids, materials or devices - IAC
Employing bullets which flatten or expand - IAC
Employing poison or poisoned weapons - IAC
Employing weapons, projectiles and materials and methods of warfare which are inherently indiscriminate - IAC
Employing weapons, projectiles and materials and methods of warfare which cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering - IAC
Enforcement of fines
Enforcement of forfeiture orders
Enforcement of national penalties - conditions of imprisonment
Enforcement of national penalties - fines
Enforcement of national penalties - imprisonment
Enforcement of sentence of imprisonment
Enforcement of sentences imposed
Escape - national proceedings
Fair trial standards
Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group
Giving false testimony
Humiliating and degrading treatment - IAC
Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
Incapacity - national proceedings
Individual commission
Individual criminal responsibility
Inhuman treatment - IAC
Insanity - national proceedings
Intent - national proceedings
Intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group
Intentionally directing attacks against buildings dedicated to religion, education, art, science or charitable purposes, historic monuments, hospitals and places where the sick and wounded are collected - IAC
Intentionally directing attacks against individual civilians not taking part in hostilities - IAC
Intentionally directing attacks against personnel involved in humanitarian assistance - IAC
Intentionally directing attacks against personnel using the emblems of the Geneva Conventions - IAC
Intentionally launching attacks that will cause environmental damage - IAC
Intoxication - national proceedings
Joint commission
Joint sentence following multiple convictions - national proceedings
Killing members of the group
Killing or wounding a combatant who has laid down his arms and surrendered at discretion - IAC
Killing or wounding a combatant who no longer has means of defence and has surrendered at discretion - IAC
Manifestly unlawful order
Medical experiments - IAC
Mental disease or defect - national proceedings
Mental element
Mitigating factors - national proceedings
Multiplicity of criminal offences
Mutilation - IAC
National penalties - aggression
National penalties - crimes against humanity
National penalties - genocide
National penalties - life imprisonment
National penalties - maximum penalty
National penalties - national proceedings
National penalties - offences against the administration of justice
National penalties - war crimes
National procedures re enforcement of sentences imposed
National proceedings on admission of guilt
Nationality jurisdiction - national proceedings
Ne bis in idem
Necessity - national proceedings
Nulla poena sine lege
Nullum crimen sine lege
Offences against administration of justice
Other prohibited weapons - IAC
Outrages upon personal dignity - IAC
Presenting false or forged evidence
Providing means
Recidivism of criminal offences
Reduction of national sentence following pre-trial detention - national proceedings
Repetition of criminal offences
Residence Jurisdiction
Rights during investigation - arbitrary arrest or detention and deprivation of liberty
Rights during investigation - not to be subjected to any form of coercion, duress or threat, to torture or to any other form of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Scientific experiments - IAC
Self-defence - national proceedings
Sentencing - national proceedings
State privileges and immunities
Statute of limitations - national proceedings
Superior / subordinate relationship (civilian) - national proceedings
Superior / subordinate relationship (military) - national proceedings
Superior orders
Superior orders - national proceedings
Superior responsibility - national proceedings
Taking of hostages - IAC
Territorial jurisdiction - national proceedings
Torture - IAC
Unique provision - defences
Universal jurisdiction
Unlawful confinement - IAC
Unlawful deportation - IAC
Unlawful transfer - IAC
Voluntary withdrawal
War crimes
Wilfully causing great suffering - IAC
Wilfully causing serious injury to body - IAC
Wilfully causing serious injury to health - IAC
Wilfully depriving a prisoner of war of the rights of fair and regular trial - IAC
Wilfully depriving a protected person of the rights of fair and regular trial - IAC