Código do Processo Penal de Timor-Leste

Date: Dec. 1, 2005
Version:PDF (Subject to verification by State)

Relevant Keywords

Admissibility of evidence - national proceedings
Appeal against decision of acquittal or conviction or against sentence - national proceedings
Appeal against other decisions - national proceedings
Appeal relating to a decision granting or denying release of the person being investigated or prosecuted - national proceedings
Appeal relating to a decision involving an issue that would significantly affect the fair and expeditious conduct of the proceedings or the outcome of the trial - national proceedings
Applicable law
Compensation - national proceedings
Competent national authority
Conditions attached to the willingness to accept sentenced persons
Contents of request
Contents of request for arrest and surrender
Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements
Cooperation of State
Cooperation under procedures of national law
Determination of sentence - national proceedings
Disruption of trial - removal of the accused
Early release - national proceedings
Enforcement of fines
Enforcement of national penalties - conditions of imprisonment
Enforcement of national penalties - fines
Enforcement of national penalties - imprisonment
Enforcement of sentence of imprisonment
Enforcement of sentences imposed
Equality of arms
Examination of places or sites - national proceedings
Examination of witnesses - national proceedings
Fair trial standards
Identification and whereabouts of persons - national proceedings
Intentionally launching attacks that will cause environmental damage - IAC
International assistance in criminal matters
Jurisdiction of custodial State or State where present
Jurisdiction ratione temporis
Legal Aid
National procedures for execution of requests for other forms of cooperation
National procedures re enforcement of sentences imposed
Non-modification of sentence by State
Notification of circumstances that could materially affect terms or extent of imprisonment
Nulla poena sine lege
Nullum crimen sine lege
Other forms of cooperation
Procedure for witness testimony - national proceedings
Provisional arrest
Provisional arrest - detention pending surrender
Provisional arrest - release - national proceedings
Provisional arrest for national proceedings
Reduction of national sentence following pre-trial detention - national proceedings
Request for arrest and surrender
Request for provisional arrest
Rights during investigation - access to interpreter and translation if questioned in other language
Rights during investigation - arbitrary arrest or detention and deprivation of liberty
Rights during investigation - informed of belief that crime has been committed
Rights during investigation - legal assistance
Rights during investigation - not to be subjected to any form of coercion, duress or threat, to torture or to any other form of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Rights during investigation - questioned in presence of counsel
Rights during investigation - remain silent
Rights during investigation - self incrimination
Rights during trial - adequate preparation of defence
Rights during trial - burden of proof
Rights during trial - counsel of accused's choosing
Rights during trial - examine witnesses
Rights during trial - free communication with counsel
Rights during trial - informed promptly and in detail of charges
Rights during trial - interpretation and translation
Rights during trial - legal assistance
Rights during trial - present at trial
Rights during trial - raise defences
Rights during trial - remain silent
Rights during trial - tried without undue delay
Rights during trial - unsworn oral or written statement in defence
Search and seizure - national proceedings
Sentencing - national proceedings
Service of documents - national proceedings
State appeal and revision of sentence
Territorial jurisdiction - national proceedings
Trials in absentia
Universal jurisdiction
Willingness to accept sentenced persons