Improper use of the military insignia and uniform of the enemy - IAC

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Rome Statute

Article 8
War crimes
2. For the purpose of this Statute, "war crimes" means:
(b) Other serious violations of the laws and customs applicable in international armed conflict, within the established framework of international law, namely, any of the following acts:
(vii) Making improper use of a flag of truce, of the flag or of the military insignia and uniform of the enemy or of the United Nations, as well as of the distinctive emblems of the Geneva Conventions, resulting in death or serious personal injury

States with implementing provisions

Australia [1] [2]
Azerbaijan [1]
Belgium [1]
Finland [1]
Georgia [1]
Germany [1]
Kenya [1]
Korea, Republic of [1]
Lesotho [1]
Malta [1] [2]
Mauritius [1]
Montenegro [1]
Netherlands [1]
New Zealand [1]
Philippines [1]
Poland [1]
Portugal [1]
Serbia [1]
Slovakia [1]
Slovenia [1] [2]
South Africa [1]
Spain [1]
Switzerland [1]
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia [1]
Uganda [1]
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [1] [2]