Intentionally directing attacks against personnel involved in humanitarian assistance - NIAC

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Rome Statute

Article 8
War crimes
2. For the purpose of this Statute, "war crimes" means:
(e) Other serious violations of the laws and customs applicable in armed conflicts not of
an international character, within the established framework of international law, namely, any of
the following acts:
(iii) Intentionally directing attacks against personnel, installations, material, units or vehicles involved in a humanitarian assistance or peacekeeping mission in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, as long as they are entitled to the protection given to civilians or civilian objects under the international law of armed conflict

States with implementing provisions

Armenia [1]
Australia [1] [2] [3]
Azerbaijan [1]
Belgium [1]
Cambodia [1]
Croatia [1]
Estonia [1]
Finland [1]
Germany [1]
Greece [1]
Kenya [1]
Korea, Republic of [1]
Lesotho [1]
Malta [1] [2]
Mauritius [1]
Netherlands [1]
New Zealand [1]
Philippines [1]
Portugal [1]
Romania [1]
Serbia [1]
Slovenia [1] [2]
South Africa [1]
Spain [1] [2] [3]
Switzerland [1]
Timor-Leste [1]
Uganda [1]
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [1] [2]