Russian Federation

Criminal Procedural Code of the Russian Federation

Part Five. International Cooperation in the Sphere of Criminal Court Proceedings

Section XVIII. Procedure for the Interaction of Courts, Prosecutors, Investigators and the Inquest Bodies with the Corresponding Competent Bodies and Officials of Foreign States and with International Organizations

Chapter 54. Extradition of a Person for the Criminal Prosecution or for the Execution of the Sentence

Article 462. Execution of an Inquiry on the Extradition of a Person Staying on the Territory of the Russian Federation

7. If petitions for the extradition of one and the same person have arrived from several foreign states, the decision on what of these inquiries shall be satisfied shall be taken by the Procurator-General of the Russian Federation or by his Deputy. The Procurator-General of the Russian Federation or his Deputy shall inform about the adopted decision the person, with respect to whom it is adopted, in writing within 24 hours .


Competing request
Competing request - same conduct